Responsive Web Design & Development

Stunning websites that adapt to all screen sizes are a MUST for competitive businesses today. 

We love to create websites that are engaging, easy to navigate, work well on any device, convert visitors to customers, promote your brand and mission cohesively, are quick to load, sites that bring visitors back for more, and websites that can actually be found online by prospective customers.

More importantly, we listen to you and your business goals. We work with you to determine the direction for the design and functionality of your new website. Your website should work for YOU and your customers. We make that happen.

We design responsive websites that support your goals and engage your audience.

Responsive web design adjusts to screen sizes

Conversion to Responsive/Mobile-Friendly

Your visitors use mobile. Google ranks mobile-first. Is your website ready?

Before: Not Mobile-Friendly

Before: Non-Responsive website example

Text too small to read

Links too close together

Content wider than screen

Mobile viewport not set

Google rank suffers

Poor user experience

Mobile visitors leave

Lost opportunities and revenue

After: Responsive

After: Responsive Design Example

Responsive; works on any device

Passes Google's mobile-friendly test

Engaged visitors, repeat & new

Competitve online business

Whether you love your current visuals or are ready for a fresh design, we can convert your website to a responsive layout.

Your mobile audience deserves an accessible, fast and engaging experience, too. We have helped businesses just like yours adapt and thrive online.

eCommerce & Company Stores

PCI Compliance, custom business logic, reports, tools & more.

eStore Features

Flexible enough for any industry. Our team can integrate your custom business logic. Here are a few of the features: 

Company Stores

B2B & B2C company stores with branded merchandise for franchise locations, store employees, or customers. Import franchise addresses for quick check-out, set employee spending limits, configure order requirements, offer company-paid and credit card payments, and more. Whatever your business logic, we can customize your eStore to match.

Complex Business Logic

Quantity discounts, customization options, personalization capabilities, advanced inventory management, wholesale/retail pricing, custom SKUs, options which modify pricing, and more.

Secure & Trusted

PCI Compliant eCommerce that is secure and trusted. Integration with major payment gateway solutions such as Credit card details NEVER TOUCH your server, keeping your customer's data safe.

Administrative Tools

Filter and export orders, generate mailing labels and packing slips, manage multiple stores from a common back-end, offer coupons and gift certificates, control inventory and more. Whatever tools you need, we can create.

"Nikki! YOU Absolutely ROCK! I can't thank you enough for everything you and your team have done to set up our stores, with customization, in such a quick time and with complete efficiency. I have lots of experience in similar type builds and have never had such an easy and successful experience! You have gone above and beyond and it is recognized and greatly appreciated!"

Michelle Alldredge

Brand Builders Company

Just a few of the brands we've worked with:

We have created hundreds of Company eStores for large and small organizations.

Subway ®
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Whole Foods Market
Lower Colorado River Authority
EagleRider logo
Pier 1 Imports ®

ADA Compliance Overhaul

Many businesses face lawsuits over ADA accessibility online. The best defense (and right thing to do) is to resolve accessibility issues. We can help. 

See that impactful graphic? It conveys the topic powerfully, doesn't it? However, for the 2 million Americans living with blindness and the 8.1 million Americans with difficulty seeing, great visuals just aren't sufficient.

Images without "alt text" are just one of dozens of ways that your website could be letting your visitors down when it comes to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) website compliance. We can help you overhaul your website to avoid legal issues and better serve your audience.

ADA compliance makes moral and financial sense.

By bringing your website into compliance, you will save time and money otherwise spent in court so that you can focus on what you do best: running a successful business. Your website will also reach a wider audience by being inclusive of millions of Americans with disabilities and providing them with a great user experience.

It is an immediate and real issue: Local businesses in several industries including medical fields, financial institutions, and others now face lawsuits (both predatory and legitimate) for non-compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act website accessibility. Lack of official government regulations on ADA as it pertains to websites makes compliance a challenge and lawsuits risky business. Fighting in court is expensive and time-consuming and the end result almost certainly includes fixing the underlying website accessibility issues. The best defense (both preemptively and after the fact) is to get ahead of accessibility problems by making your website ADA compliant. We can help.

ADA Website Compliance - Web Development Help

Website Optimization & Marketing

Optimizing your website for speed, conversion, mobile, and search. Get found online!

We focus on results-oriented campaigns. 

Our SEO campaigns are multi-month efforts involving the intelligent application of the following tools on behalf of our clients: regular on-site optimization, directory submissions, social bookmarking, RSS feed submissions, multi-media submissions, press releases and article submissions, and other link building activities. For us, each client is unique and benefits from our study of the competitive landscape for their business. We customize an SEO campaign specifically for you with ongoing adjustments to reflect the effectiveness within the marketplace. Our success is due in a large part to personal relationships developed over the years with a network of web masters, bloggers and social networking agents, as well as the skills and proprietary knowledge of our talented SEO Team.

Optimization for Search, Mobile & Speed

Content Writing, Press Releases, & Articles

Directories, Relationships & Reputation

Social Media

There are two questions we typically ask at the beginning that help us determine how best to promote your website:

1) Who do you consider to be your major competitors online?

2) What are the keyword phrase(s) would you most like to rank well in for Google searches?

For example, you might consider the most profitable products or services offered by your company, or perhaps the foot-in-the-door services that most often lead to a client up-selling to further engagements with your company. You are the best expert on your business -- what drives it? What will help you grow and succeed?

We recommend pursuing an SEO Campaign for a minimum of six months for one or more target areas. An effective SEO campaign is labor intensive but well worth the investment in the business as it will have a lasting impact. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your site achieve fantastic results for you and your business.

"Development Only" Option for Graphic Designers

While we can do everything from custom designs to complete website development, we realize that sometimes you only need help with one or the other...

If you are a Graphic Designer:

We know that many designers prefer to focus just on design. We regularly partner with graphic design firms to bring your visions to life (and help you knock the socks off your clients, too).

Send us your layered Photoshop or Illustrator design files and any special instructions and we will convert it to a fully functional, responsive website with clean, search-engine-friendly, standards-compliant XHTML / CSS and web-optimized images. It's that simple.

We can take care of any and all of the technical details for you including hosting, a Content Management System (client can update content without needing to know HTML), eCommerce, online forms with anti-spam captchas, custom WordPress themes, social media integration, Search Engine Optimization, photo galleries, API integration and more.

We'll help you deliver incredible websites to your clients.

"You have done a great job! This looks so good and professional! Thank you for executing my vision!!!!!"

Julie Cimino

KAF Creative

"Big shout out to NIKKI, we could not have done this so quickly without her help."

Jessica Judge

Project Manager, Ranch Raoad