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Web Development Proposal for THCU

Hello Steve and the THCU Team,

FlatwareMedia Designs is ready to assist you in redesigning, implementing, and launching a new website for THCU that is modern, quick loading, mobile-friendly, responsive, and ADA compliant (critically important from 2018 onward). The new design will reflect THCU's desire to more closely emulate the overall look and feel of University Credit Union, United Heritage Credit Union or Greater Texas Credit Union’s sites.

The good news is that, since we had originally developed your current website, the backend data and functionality can be seamlessly integrated into the new website that we'll design and code for you. For example, we can give your website a fresh and inviting look while retaining the current functionality related to secure financial applications and automatic data deletion policies with manual early deletion by staff.

Website Redesign & Development

Responsive, mobile-friendly website redesign & development for THCU.org


Client is responsible for any applicable taxes and optional third-party fees such as image licenses or plugin support renewals. Note that official ADA Compliance regulations for websites have been pending for 2018, and are on hold by the current administration. This does not prevent legal actions, however, and the best strategy is to be proactive about ADA compliance efforts. We will follow best practices and current accessibility guidelines while developing your new site and will train staff who update the website on best practices. Your website's future ADA compliance may be impacted by new legislation or court rulings, changes to third-party plugins, or website content and image changes over time.

In Closing...

The websites we design for our clients are engaging, responsive and search engine-friendly with clean, standards-compliant code. Our design philosophy is to always keep the end-user and business goals in mind when developing your site. We make websites that are both beautiful and functional - sites that help your business to grow. In addition to building stylish responsive websites that adapt to any device from desktops to mobile phones for optimal display and usability, our company also specializes in developing intelligent, web-based systems that incorporate our clients' specific business-logic and work-flow. We help our clients to build their brand, increase efficiency, automate processes, and meet targeted business objectives.

We would be happy to assist you in designing and developing your new website. Please let me know if there is a good time to discuss your vision and goals for the new site. I look forward to working with you on this project!

Kind Regards,


For reference, my contact information is:

Nikki Smith
512-920-0008 (cell/direct)
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Our clients are like family. Here is what they have to say about working with FlatwareMedia Designs:

"Nikki! YOU Absolutely ROCK! I can't thank you enough for everything you and your team have done to set up our stores, with customization, in such a quick time and with complete efficiency. I have lots of experience in similar type builds and have never had such an easy and successful experience! You have gone above and beyond and it is recognized and greatly appreciated!"

Michelle Alldredge

Brand Builders Company

Design Portfolio & Additional Services

We offer a full range of services to design, develop and promote websites for our clients. More information on our services is available here: http://flatwaremedia.com/services/

Our web design & development portfolio can be viewed at: http://flatwaremedia.com/portfolio/

Below are a small selection of recent projects:

Among other features, the new site includes a visually engaging mega-menu for "Maps & Schedules" and individual side-menus to organize the extensive information in an easy-to-navigate manner. After designing and developing the new site we also trained BTD staff in how to self-manage their website content, and continue to provide ongoing support.

This is a mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress website with API integration, flipbooks, and numerous modern web features including modal windows, social sharing, subtle animation and more.

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Contact me today and we can get started on your project right away. My contact information is below:

Nikki Smith
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I look forward to working with you!