We have helped numerous clients face challenges large and small. Each challenge is approached with creativity, innovation and a can-do attitude — with amazing results. Read on...

Case Study: Private Dormitory

"Commercial software for hotels and apartments doesn't meet our complex needs. Help!"

The Challenge

The University Towers, a private dorm in Austin, Texas, had been making do with existing commercial software designed for hotels and apartments that just didn't fit the business logic of a dormitory. They asked us to find a solution.

University Towers, Austin

The Solution

After an exhaustive survey of the other dormitories in Austin, we learned that they were all in the same boat. Each was using a different commercial software for managing apartments or hotels and had tried several others in the past. The discards of one dorm were being tested in the next. Since they were fierce competitors, the dorms did not communicate among each other and did not realize that the room management package they were using or considering had been rejected by two or more dorms already. Our investigation revealed the reasons whey these software packages were insufficient and the business needs of the dorms that weren't being fulfilled by these preexisting commercial software.

Due to these facts, our client opted to skip the rounds of commercial software and appealed to our firm to develop for them a custom program tailored specifically to the private dormitory business. It needed to be able to handle roommate requests and multiple mid-term roommate and room style swaps with fees appropriately prorated. It needed to help staff match residents based upon common interests and lifestyles to minimize the roommate shuffle. It needed logic for lost keys, a photo ID Card system, a cafeteria calendar, early move-ins and late move-outs, meal plans, payment plans, parking permits and online application forms. It needed to be a top-notch accounting system with an audit trail for all transactions.

We delivered. That's what we do.

Our client was thrilled. They were able to run their business more efficiently in a fraction of the man-hours and do everything within one program. They saw immediate savings in being able to handle the same volume of business without being requiring to hire temporary help each season to sort and match roommates and manually enter applications. They found themselves in an enjoyable position of being ahead of schedule rather than months behind for a change. Over time, we expanded the system to include the needs of the security office, package delivery, front counter sales and photocopies and online payments. As a side note, the audit trail accounting functionality also helped identify and catch a long-time embezzler in their office, saving our client from a hidden cost in their business.

Dramatic Increase in Efficiency

Recurring Cost Savings = Improved Bottom Line

Roommate Compatibility Logic = Customer Satisfaction

Fraud Detection & Audit Trail

Case Study: Promotional Products Industry

"Our business logic is complicated. The experience needs to be simple for our clients."

The Challenge

Off-the-shelf eCommerce software couldn't handle the complexity of the promotional products industry nor the individual business logic of various company stores. Our clients had been making due with solutions that didn't meet their needs, and missing out on business opportunities as a result. They came to us for an innovative B2B and B2C solution.

each store had unique requirements:

Below are two examples. Our custom eStore software has driven hundreds of company eCommerce stores.

Subway ®

This series of company eStores needed to import addresses for hundreds of franchises, configure a default order for 18 shirts with various sizes, allow franchise owners to customize their order including placing orders for multiple stores they manage at once and shipping in bulk to a common location.


This employee reward eStore allowed employees to order company branded merchandise. The store had to handle a mix of company-paid purchases with employee spending thresholds and personal merchandise orders via credit cards. It also needed to integrate with a third-party fulfillment warehouse in real-time.

The Solution

We met with leaders in the promotional products industry and with corporate buyers to learn about the challenges they faced and how our firm could help revolutionize the industry. There simply wasn't an eCommerce platform out there both powerful and flexible enough to handle the complex customization needs and deliver a user-friendly shopping experience.

So we built an ecommerce platform from the ground up.

We can customize any aspect of the eStore platform's business logic and shopping interface.

Sophisticated Business Logic Customization

Competitive Company Store Capabilities

PCI Compliant eCommerce Stores

Rapid Development & Launches

Administrative Tools & Reports

Mailing Labels & Packing Slips

Fullfillment House Integration

Dedicated Support Team

"Nikki! YOU Absolutely ROCK! I can't thank you enough for everything you and your team have done to set up our stores, with customization, in such a quick time and with complete efficiency. I have lots of experience in similar type builds and have never had such an easy and successful experience! You have gone above and beyond and it is recognized and greatly appreciated!"

Michelle Alldredge

Brand Builders Company

eStore Features

Flexible enough for any industry. Our team can integrate your custom business logic. Here are a few of the features: 

Company Stores

B2B & B2C company stores with branded merchandise for franchise locations, store employees, or customers. Import franchise addresses for quick check-out, set employee spending limits, configure order requirements, offer company-paid and credit card payments, and more. Whatever your business logic, we can customize your eStore to match.

Complex Business Logic

Quantity discounts, customization options, personalization capabilities, advanced inventory management, wholesale/retail pricing, custom SKUs, options which modify pricing, and more.

Secure & Trusted

PCI Compliant eCommerce that is secure and trusted. Integration with major payment gateway solutions such as Authorize.net. Credit card details NEVER TOUCH your server, keeping your customer's data safe.

Administrative Tools

Filter and export orders, generate mailing labels and packing slips, manage multiple stores from a common back-end, offer coupons and gift certificates, control inventory and more. Whatever tools you need, we can create.

Just a few of the brands we've worked with:

We have created hundreds of Company eStores for large and small organizations.

Subway ®
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Whole Foods Market
Lower Colorado River Authority
EagleRider logo
Pier 1 Imports ®