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Rainbow Iris Farms

  • What do you get when you mix a young entrepreneur, a passion for gardening, and the right mix of technology and determination?
  • A blossoming business, that's what.
  • Custom eCommerce store,
  • Fresh graphic design,
  • Social media integration,
  • And a little elbow grease...


RainbowFarms.net is a blossoming business run by a young entrepreneur named Kelly Norris. We have been privledged to be a part of their growing success from the beginning (and even before then, too).

Rainbow Iris Farms

When Kelly was a young tike he fell in love with gardening. His supportive family saw his passion and took the leap with him, buying an iris farm and transplanting it (quite literally) from Round Rock, Texas to Bedford, Iowa. We had helped the original owner, Cliff, launch the online business and set-up a Yahoo! Store to cater to iris enthusiasts back in the day. It was exciting to see the business grow and evolve under the hands of then school-aged Kelly.

Over the years we have helped with graphic design, product photography, print catalogs and, of course, the ever growing online store.

This past year we gave the site a gorgeous earth-toned facelift and helped them move away from Yahoo! Store (where they were experiencing growing pains) to a custom eCommerce solution, integrating social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, a newsletter sign-up and more to help grow their exposure.

Kelly is an inspriation to young entrepreneurs proving that when you love what you do, you can move mountains. (Rest easy - we'll help you!)

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Database Integration Sites

Database integration can be used to search and deliver large amounts of information in an organized manner, to collect information and to dynamically respond to visitors' needs. A few ColdFusion or PHP pages can display thousands of pages worth of information, making future updates a breeze. Plus, with a simple to use Content Management System (CMS) you're in charge - your staff can easily update content on your website without needing to know any HTML!

Redfish Rodeo Tournament
This site is for an invitation-only ladies' fishing tournament held annually in South Padre Island. The site features a password-protected members-only section where anglers and sponsors can:
  • Register online for the event.
  • View tournament photos, news and regulations, and more.
  • Complete a satisfaction survey.
A secure administration site allows tournament directors to review online registrations, print mailing labels, and export data to Excel.

Survey results are compiled in real-time, and visible in either aggregate/chart form or as individual responses.  

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Web Design and Development

The most important elements of any site are clear navigation and site organization, a consistent design, and opportunities for visitors to send feedback, along with clear "call to action" wording and elements that support your goals. Without these elements, a visitor can feel lost and confused, and will quickly leave your site. Strong emphasis should be placed on content and functionality rather than on flashy or "neat" gimmicks. (Though we can help with those, too!)

Chaparral Curbing Chaparral Curbing
Chaparral Curbing is a leader in the Central Texas commercial curbing market providing curbs, sidewalks, paths and more. This is a simple, clean and effective web design which reflects the quality of service provided by Chaparral Curbing.

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MultiMedia, CD-ROMs and Visualization Tools

An interactive CD-ROM or online visualization wizard can be an excellent compliment to your existing marketing strategy and sales tools. With a MultiMedia application, you can demonstrate concepts that may be difficult to communicate through printed materials. You can also showcase your entire product line, allowing outside sales representatives a powerful, convenient sales tool.


FlatwareMedia Designs developed a MultiMedia CD-ROM sales tool for YardFX, a manufacturer of custom designed garden buildings in Canada. With a click of the mouse, users can configure their own building, changing models, colors and options to display over 73.8 billion combinations!


Variation 1

YardFX is a manufacturer of custom designed garden buildings in Canada. They have recently expanded into the US, setting up dealerships in many states.

Variation 2

Each dealer can display approximately 6-10 buildings on site. There are 22 models to choose from, each with multiple door and window styles available, as well as several color options for each feature, shingle choices, etc. In total, there were over 73.8 billion possible combinations! YardFX was faced with a unique challenge: how do you demonstrate the variety of options available, and show customers what their new building will look like before they order?

Variation 4

The solution? FlatwareMedia Designs (as HCS) developed a CD-ROM which allowed customers to pick and choose their options, and view their new building instantly. Sales associates could then print out a list of specifications and a picture of the model for the customer. A generic version of the CD is available which omits prices, or dealers can order a customized version with their own price calculations and contact information included.

Now picture how an online sales tool like this will help your business multiply. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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