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Talk Sweet Talk

  • Custom EVERYTHING - "Yes, we can do that, too!"
  • Live preview of choose-your-word tags in the trademarked Talk Sweet Talk font
  • Naughty-word filter - oh, my!
  • Retail store front & secure wholesale portal
  • Wholesale business logic
  • Custom WordPress theme blog, to boot!

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Happy Mail

TalkSweetTalk.com uses sophisticated logic and custom functionality to achieve the client's business goals. Visitors may custom order their own favorite word tag, complete with a live preview in the trademarked Talk Sweet Talk font. The logic behind the font tag preview blocks "naughty-words" (the preview will show the phrase "naughty-word" instead of their text), prevents numbers, non-supported characters, and spaces (customers must buy two tags for two words), and determines the font size based upon the number of characters typed and available space on the product.

It also tracks the custom words that visitors preview, offering the client an insight into trends and potential words to feature in the main product line. Visitors are offered suggestions for other words based upon the first letter of the word they typed.

The eCommerce store features both a retail and a wholesale portal. Wholesale customers must meet a minimum order total on their first order, with a reduced minimum or a short-fall charge on subsequent orders to qualify for wholesale pricing. A custom WordPress blog follows the look and feel of the main site.

Katie Maennle - Designer with Style

  • Coupon codes for special promotions
  • Gift Certificates
  • Total Care Support Package including training, blog maintenance & you-name-it help
  • Flexible Content Management System (CMS)
  • Social Media Integration


Katie's Birdcage Chair

Katie Maennle came to us in a bind. Her original designer had to cancel due to medical reasons and she was left with only a skeleton design, no eCommerce, only a fraction of her budget remaining and no time.

We stepped in and helped her close the gap - bringing her vision for the website to reality.

After launching the site, we provided Katie with a Total Care Support Package and handled everything from blog updates to adding new products. This helped free up Katie's time for what she does best - designing simply amazing furniture and accessories.

Rainbow Iris Farms

  • What do you get when you mix a young entrepreneur, a passion for gardening, and the right mix of technology and determination?
  • A blossoming business, that's what.
  • Custom eCommerce store,
  • Fresh graphic design,
  • Social media integration,
  • And a little elbow grease...


RainbowFarms.net is a blossoming business run by a young entrepreneur named Kelly Norris. We have been privledged to be a part of their growing success from the beginning (and even before then, too).

Rainbow Iris Farms

When Kelly was a young tike he fell in love with gardening. His supportive family saw his passion and took the leap with him, buying an iris farm and transplanting it (quite literally) from Round Rock, Texas to Bedford, Iowa. We had helped the original owner, Cliff, launch the online business and set-up a Yahoo! Store to cater to iris enthusiasts back in the day. It was exciting to see the business grow and evolve under the hands of then school-aged Kelly.

Over the years we have helped with graphic design, product photography, print catalogs and, of course, the ever growing online store.

This past year we gave the site a gorgeous earth-toned facelift and helped them move away from Yahoo! Store (where they were experiencing growing pains) to a custom eCommerce solution, integrating social media such as Twitter, FaceBook, a newsletter sign-up and more to help grow their exposure.

Kelly is an inspriation to young entrepreneurs proving that when you love what you do, you can move mountains. (Rest easy - we'll help you!)

SupportSoft - Company Store plus

  • Company/Employee eStore
  • Custom business rules including:
    • Employee spend limits & payment methods
    • Manager review and approval
  • Automatic integration with third-party fulfillment warehouse
  • Real-time credit cards via payment gateway
  • Mirrors look and feel of corporate website


Invisible Body Photography

SupportSoft is a great example of a partnership between our firm (the technology), a promotional products company (the supplier), a fullfillment house (the distributor) and a local business (the client) with a need to manage and distribute company-branded merchandise to their employees and sales representatives.

We provided the technological expertise to help these firms work together seamlessly to provide the best possible shopping experience for company employees.

And we also had lots of fun creating invisible body photography shots like the one at left, too.

Are you a promotional products firm or fulfillment company? Contact us to find out how we can help you differentiate yourself from the competition by adding a value-added company store package to your offerings.

Do you need a Company eStore? Let us hook you up! We can build a store that mirrors the look and feel of your main website and work with your promotional products vendor or in-house fulfillment, or connect you to some of the best in the business.

Curious to learn more? This site is now available as a Demo Store. Contact us to take a test-drive behind the scenes.

Cripple Creek and Company -
Small Business, Big Impact

  • Easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS)
  • No HTML knowledge required!
  • Manage your own store effortlessly
  • Or have us help with our Total Care Support packages
  • Selling food items? Tax-free & taxable product options, too.

An online eStore is in your reach.

Cripple Creek

An online eStore is in your reach (and in your budget).

We work with both large companies that need all the bells and whistles and small, mom-and-pop businesses (like yours) that just need a simple, yet powerful, shop. We'll create a classy online store to help you start selling fast. We'll even throw in the bells and whistles.

Are you a DIY kind of person? Once your store is set-up, our WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor makes it a snap to manage items in your store without needing to know any HTML. Need a little extra help? We're here for you.

Are you ready to get started?

Rivercity Sportswear

  • Kickin' Company eStores for clients give this promotional products company an edge
  • Promo product logic built-in: Upcharges, multiple sizes, quantity discounts, etc
  • Inventory tracking & order history reports
  • Manage multiple store fronts from one common back-end
  • Need-based security level control: share the right data (and only the right data) with the right folks


Rivercity Sportswear offers high quality embroidery, screenprinting, graphics design and promotional products. Our custom e-commerce solution streamlines online sales for the promotional products industry. In one step, visitors can order any quantity of multiple clothing sizes. Quantity discounts and option and size upcharges (add $2 ea for 3X, etc.) are calculated automatically. Accurate price quotes can be generated real-time and artwork files can be uploaded when the order is placed, saving much time in communication with the customer and reducing per-transaction overhead.

Company Stores

Plus, offering Company Stores to their clients has given Rivercity Sportswear an edge over their competition!

We built our eCommerce engine from the ground up and can customize any aspect of the design or functionality to meet your needs, too. Give us a call today to find out more.

LukesHoops.com - PCI Compliant Online Bill Pay


PCI Compliance - PCI Compliant Bill Pay

LukesHoops.com needed the ability to accept credit card payments from clients via their website. They also needed to be PCI Compliant to keep their customer credit card data safe and to avoid costly fines with their merchant account provider. And they needed to do it all on a budget, too, without costly dedicated hosting.

Our solution? Through our partnership with Authorize.Net (a Payment Gateway Company), we were able to set-up a bill pay form that sends all sensitive credit card payment data directly to Authorize.net for processing (fully PCI Compliant) while keeping the customer on our client's website. Credit card details NEVER TOUCH their website, not even for a moment.

Thus, everyone is safe, happy and secure. Job well done.

(We can help you take credit cards safely, too. Just call us today to learn more.)

ImprintMall.com - 75+ Company and Event eStores

  • Multiple store fronts
  • Common back-end administration and order management
  • Complex, real-time calculations
  • Personalization and customization
  • Inventory management
  • Plays well with others - integration with third party software


ImprintMall.com, a division of Bells Advertising Inc., is a 50-year-old national advertising specialty firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. They came to us with a challenge: they needed the ability to quickly and easily set-up multiple store fronts with custom front-end layouts that would share the same back-end for order fulfillment and processing. In addition, they needed the system to perform complex calculations in real-time to generate the product costs for the consumer that would take into account set-up/personalization charges, options that affect pricing (color, size, etc.), and quantity discounts.

Multiple, unique store fronts; common back-end

Prior to contacting us, they had tried making due with Yahoo Store and other commercial solutions but found nothing that could meet their specialized needs. Our development team created a custom online solution that had the industry-smarts to provide accurate order pricing and inventory in real time when all of their industry competitors could only give estimates. It has the flexibility and power to allow for rapid store deployment. A fully-functional store can literally be created in a matter of minutes.

Today, over 75+ programs and store-fronts have been created under ImprintMall.com.

Whole Foods - Another Wholesome Company Store


Whole Foods, Wholesome Company eStore

Whole Foods is another wholesome example of a Company eStore in action.

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