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FlatwareMedia Designs specializes in intelligent business solutions for real-world problems. We build online software with industry-smarts, not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-almost sites.

CASE STUDY: One of our clients needed the ability to quickly and easily set-up multiple store fronts with custom front-end layouts that would share the same back-end for order fulfillment and processing. In addition, they needed the system to perform complex calculations in real-time to generate the product costs for the consumer that would take into account set-up/personalization charges, options that affect pricing (color, size, etc.), and quantity discounts. Prior to contacting us, they had tried making due with Yahoo Store and other commercial solutions but found nothing that could meet their specialized needs. Our development team created a custom online solution that had the industry-smarts to provide accurate order pricing and inventory in real time when all of their industry competitors could only give estimates. It has the flexibility and power to allow for rapid store deployment. A fully-functional store can literally be created in a matter of minutes.

SEO for Bryan, TexasEach business is unique. Take a moment to think about how your business uses the Internet today, and what might make your business more productive. Then contact us to discuss how we can facilitate your online ventures. We will work with you to develop a tailored solution that addresses your business needs.